Giving thanks at the Solstice

On the longest night of the year, I like to remember who brings light into my life and helps guide me along the way.

This year, those who have brought light in my life:

Mom & Dad, who took care of me after my accident and put up with my mood swings, crying spells, driving me to doctors’ appointments, letting me stay with them, and then letting me pull away again.

Tuna, who keeps in touch, keeps me grounded, and lifts my spirit.

Em, who hunted high and low to get me a stuffed otter and then made accessories for that otter.

Lexi, for emotionally scarring my 9-year-old character.

Bry, for putting up with me and driving me to and from home when I wanted to be with my friends.

The trips, for being a surprise happiness in my life. I still don’t like kids, but I love you guys!

Each of you plays a special part in my life, and I’m grateful to have you there for me. I hope I can be there for you as well.


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