May, we hardly knew you.

May’s goals
1. Finish 1st reads on BAW. Maybe start developing things.
2. Finish current 2 knitting projects.

Okay. Yeah. So May was…something else.

1. I haven’t touched BAW edits since the end of April. Part of it is adjusting to the new job and trying to step away from work-ish things in my free time, part of it is the writing I’ve been doing, part of it is being at the barn. But most of it is just keeping away from work-ish things. Also, I’m a little intimidated to finish edits, because then the hard work begins…

2. I finished both knitting projects (both scarves), and have begun (because reading Amy Lane’s Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny’s Lair inspired me) to put together a mitered square blanket. So I’m taking all my scrap yarn and all the cheap acrylic stuff I gathered over the last few years, and I’m mitering it up into a blanket. Some of the colors are very bright (like rainbow yarn and orange creamcicle) so I have to do each one separate so I can lay them all out and organize it not to look hideous. I also have no idea how many each partial ball/skein will make, so I’m just going along with it.

And now…

June’s goals

1. Finish BAW (edits and at least start fleshing out the ending).

Just one goal this month. First off, summers are busy, I’m dealing with the new job, and this is one task that I’d really like to get done so I can move on.

My friend uses this reward system where she has things she wants to buy and things she wants/needs to get done and can only buy things when she completes the task. I’ve done it before and it worked out pretty well.

I made up a list of BIG things I want to buy. Unfortunately, the task list is currently empty. Most, if not all, the items on the list are too pricey to be equal to completing my monthly goals, so maybe that’s the problem. But we’ll see. Maybe I need to put “Write 50,000 words in _____ novel.”

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