National Month of Doing Things

November is National Novel Writing Month. 50K in 30 days.

I’ve participated before. Enjoyed the challenge. Enjoyed the amount of work that got done.

But I’m also being realistic that this year it just is. Not. Happening. For reference, see October.

Here were October’s Goals:
1. Finish first pass on SaP. If ready, send to beta.
2. Finish pass on SS. If ready, send to beta.
3. Another pass on HtPD. Try for 500 more words. Submit.
4. If time/energy, look at R&R on GR.

I…did none of them. Now, I knew I had GRL, which would take up the 12-20. I just wasn’t also expecting for the ramifications of after GRL. Exhaustion being a big one. I still should have gotten some work done (and I did some edits on SaP, but not nearly enough).

I had vague plans at the beginning of October to use November as a chance to finish additions on BaW and alterations for GR. But since Nothing got done in October, I have new goals.

For November:
1. Edit/write every day I don’t have a conflicting event (like my GKE trip next weekend). *Holds up calendar* You can tell I’m serious ’cause I wrote it down.

2. The above should let me finish a pass of edits on SaP, SS, and HtPD. So hopefully.

3. I’d love to get 3-5 K written this month, and I’m keeping track, but it’s not make or break.

I’ve already started thinking about how I want to handle goals next year. I definitely want to try something different, but I’m not sure how. (Either something more consistent, something with rewards, or…I have no idea.)

I do need to do something that has more results, that’s for sure!

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