Solstice Post

Normally on the longest night of the year I make a post pointing out those people who bring light into my life. However, due to a very busy weekend, I wasn’t able to this year. But that’s not the only reason.

For the most part, the same people would be listed this year as in previous years. And this year has been especially dark for me, so those lights are dimmer and just seem to cast shadows. I know it’s not true, but when it’s this dark out, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

So this year, to not completely fall down on the job, I’m doing a more open-ended posting. Thanks to…

…my coworkers, who all give me a hand “…when they have a minute.”

…all the awesome people who I met/spoke to/ate Chinese food with at GRL this year.

…my tight group of friends.

…my family.

…all the funny, amazing, supportive people on the internet. I must be truly lucky, because I avoid the big jerks who do nothing but poke and prod.

May your days be as sunny as you’ve made mine.


And I’m thankful for my lil Hoover.

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