Flame-Con report!

As you may have heard, Riptide Publishing was at Flame-Con in NYC on Saturday. And so I was there as well! 
It was in an OLD building and had ONE elevator…the oldest elevator in Brooklyn. It was hand operated. It was NOT ideal for getting vendors with lots of stuff into the room they needed to go (or out of, at the end of the day). The vendors were also in the greenhouse, so it was hot. Like, sweat-pouring-down-our-bodies-while-standing-stil hot.
That said, the PEOPLE were amazing! For anyone who doesn’t know, Flame-Con is tagged as the “queer comic-con” and this was their first year. They had a pretty good turnout, and some great costumes (especially for a one-day show of this size).
Rachel Haimowitz with the Riddler, Cyclopes, Jubilee, and Daredevil

The photo doesn’t really do the last picture justice. He had a great ring and amazing face-paint. Something great about this show experience was there seemed to be (from what I saw), a lack of body policing, etc, about the cosplay.

There was also a room full of artists selling their wares, and while I didn’t get to spend a huge amount of time there, I was sure to stop by Tab’s table, of Discord Comics khaoskomix. And buy lots of things. Because he’s lovely and came all the way from the UK. Be sure to check out his work. He is a fantastic storyteller and hits up a variety of storylines with various characters (his current projects are about an asexual man, and the Minority Monsters). 
I also happened upon Morgan of What’s Normal Anyway?, a comic about being trans male. It, like most webcomics, is completely available online, but there’s something about having the paper in-hand. And supporting the author, of course!
I also had some time to buzz around the vendor room, which mostly involved going over to the Cocky Boys’ table and gushing over @levikarterxxx (which Tumblr refuses to recognize as the actual tumblr blog…). I don’t really look at porn, but there’s something about the way he moves that just draws me to him. Of course he’s lovely, but it’s more than that. And hopefully my fanboying didn’t come across super creepy.
We finished the day (hauling everything back down on that elevator…) and finally made our way to get dinner at Veggie Heaven, which is actually really good all-vegetarian Chinese food. Yes, I ate fake meat product, but it was delicious. 
Overall a good time, although exhausting and sweaty.

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