1/12 of the year is done…

I spent the last week of January pet sitting, which involved caring for a geriatric dog and a horse, and I’d like to blame that for why my productivity slipped, but it’s more likely because I had access to TV. And fast internet.

So much TV. I watched all of Jessica Jones, all of Gangsta., and few episodes of Sekku Boys, which is just for fun because Japanese idols that are actually sculptures is kind of amusing. It seems.

I still got just under 10k written for January, a rough set of edits done for HtPD, and a book read. So pretty productive. Except for that whole “take care of health” goal.

Coming home after a week away is always a wonderful thing, because I get to sleep in my own bed, where I sleep better, and my responsibilities are half of what they are at the pet-sitting gigs. The horse is about an hour each day, which isn’t much, but is still an hour. And then this little thing.

She doesn’t look like much, but she can be a needy thing  🙂

Anyway, I got home and depression hit me hard, and then my muscles all tightened and made my head/vision wonky. Which really knocked out any productivity. I think I may have been pushing myself a bit too hard and putting a bit too much pressure on myself. So I’m trying to take a break this weekend (at least a little). If things get done, they get done. But otherwise I need to breathe and not freak myself out.

I KNOW I just did a post about “slow and steady” but I’m really bad at listening to myself. 🙂

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