A Much-Deserved Weekend

So after an amazing book release, a whirlwind blog tour, and a long trip to Vegas (which I was totally going to do a write-up of and then…didn’t and now it’s too late;), I had a very nice, relaxing weekend.

First off, I spent Saturday morning writing. It’s a short story that may not amount to anything, but I’m playing around. I’m having fun. It’s been a little while, so yehaw 🙂

Then I got on my little goober of a pony and went on a trail ride. The weather was perfect, the ground was perfect, the company was perfect (a 15-year-old boy, D, was riding his horse with me), and it was just relaxing. D is still recovering from a concussion, and his horse P is a beauty and a sweetheart. Despite the fact my pony is roughly 14 inches shorter, they are a good pair for an easy ride.

The dogs didn’t come with us, but it gives you an idea of how short my pony is.

After that I went home, went shopping, and then relaxed in front of the TV to watch Hotel Transylvania, which had cute moments, but didn’t really blow me away. And I was a little disgruntled about the fact that they raise the point that humans likely still wouldn’t be able to accept monsters, then they had humans TOTALLY accepting monsters. I wish humans would “accept monsters” but because it was a point that was raised earlier and specifically said the opposite, I felt like the movie lied to the audience something fierce. Still, Jonathan, who I sort of hated at first, really grew on me, which I appreciated. And I may have felt a terrible kinship with Dracula.

Sunday started with more writing, then I went to my brother’s house to hang out. His one son broke his foot (involving a pin and a cast), and when you’re not even 5, that’s a huge deal. (It’s a pretty big deal anyway, but the little man isn’t even 5!) It was a blast playing Old Maid, building Marble Run, and then playing “Guess what marble I have in my hand.” (For…hours. I swear. HOURS.* He was having so much fun.) They also glopped a ton of icing on top of cupcakes….because decorating skills are unique among 4-year-olds. Still, the double chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles were delicious.

Then I headed into town to go to the Welcome to Night Vale: Ghost Stories tour that was stopping by. Visited with friends, grabbed a bite to eat (mei fun, always a winner), then headed to the show. Bought two shirts. BECAUSE NIGHT VALE.

Also, if you’ve been following me long, you realize that I AM A HUGE SCAREDY CAT. So I was a little…tentative going into something called “ghost stories.” But I survived. I love their live shows, which have so much more personality than even their podcast episodes do. Plus the cast can sort of interact with the audience, and there’s lots of body language that gets to be seen. Fantastic.

A long drive home and a late night out means Monday came too soon, but I had a much needed relaxing weekend.

And next weekend is my tattoo! I’m nerv-cited.

*May not have actually been hours.

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