Taking a Break

As November approached and people geared up for Nanowrimo, I pondered participating. But November is usually a busy month for me (not sure how that differs from most months). And honestly, at this moment, my muses feel a little dried up. Maybe it’s just because it’s darker out, maybe it’s a million other things. Maybe it’s seeing authors post about it being “a 4K day” and me–not able to write a single word today (on the day I’m writing this) on my WIP–knowing even if I wrote I’d only write 1K. Whatever it is/was, I need to take a break. Mostly from social media. Maybe from Candy Crush.

Okay, yeah, definitely from Candy Crush.

I’ll still be around, blogging once a week (mostly), and doing PR stuff online, checking email, and reblogging on tumblr (because that’s my ‘downtime’ these days). I’ll be on Twitter for an hour each day, I think, to check in, set up tweets, that sort of thing.

And maybe I’ll share the writing exercises I plan on doing this month. Maybe I’ll finish this shifter WIP which I feel like I’ve been complaining about for yonks. I definitely hope to read more. And knit.

Hopefully I can take this month to slow down, calm down, and see how much free time I’ll actually have if I don’t spend it on social media.

So if I’m not around, you know why. If I am around, you can raise a curious brow and poke me with knitting needles.

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