Solstice Thoughts

On this, the longest night of the year, I like to take a moment to remember those people who bring light into my life. This has been a difficult year for me, and I’ve probably been difficult to be around sometimes. As always, this isn’t a list that includes everyone–maybe because I’m forgetful, maybe because I’m oblivious. The point is that there are people on my list, and I’m sure you’re on someone’s list as an important point that brings light.

My crew who introduces me to more new anime every year, and who put up with me showing them my favorites as well. You fill my weekends and make me laugh. What more could I want?

My tabletop crews who really do fill every weekend. You guys give me a chance to escape myself, and even though I might go mad as we try to schedule and I try to control everything, I really do have a blast. I look forward to these adventures, which let me write without fear of failure (that’s what the dice are for).

My family is always supportive and there, often in small ways. They might drive me nuts sometimes, and I might get frustrated with them, but we’re family and we’re there for each other.

My new riding buddy. It’s so nice to have a fellow adult to talk horses with (who isn’t the riding instructor), who lives nearby. You’ve given me a hand when I need it, and hope I’ve done the same for you.

Michelle and Reesa, who I spent a glorious evening with, eating and laughing. I wish we could spend more time together like that! It was the best part of my vacation (and it was a pretty good vacation).

May all your days be as bright as the light you’ve brought to me.

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