Ties That Bind for Preorder!

I’m happy to announce that Ties That Bind is now up for preorder on Less Than Three Press’s site! The cover will be coming soon, and the book releases April 23.

For Chel, Tomlin, and Mathias, life is simple but good. They share a home and a love, and despite a few conflicts of personality, are happy. Mathias runs a magic shop, where he makes magic items and potions for his customers, and Tom is his familiar, helping supply his magic. Chel, who’s not magical, works at a bookshop and makes sure dinner is on the table for his lovers.

When Mathias suddenly comes down with a mysterious illness, Chel and Tomlin seek out answers. As Mathias’s familiar, Tomlin can sense that nothing is wrong with the magical parts of him, but when a trip to the doctor’s indicates nothing is wrong with him physically either, they start to worry.

Then Mathias collapses, and the search to find the truth becomes urgent.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me posting a lot about this story for the LGBTRelease tag. These boys are magical, and I hope you’ll join them on their little journey!

PS. I hate WordPress’s new “block” formatting, and eventually it’s going to force me to “update” and my entire site is going to look like shit, because it doesn’t translate anything well >.<

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