I’m not a frog.

Part of me wants to sit here and write a post about how I haven’t gotten anything done because I’ve been busy and now I’m dog sitting a geriatric dog who weighs about as much as me and who can’t go up and down steps in an old house that is nothing but steps. I was going to complain how I’m exhausted and sleepy and the dog is sitting at the bottom steps of the porch unable to get in because going up steps is nearly impossible. I was also going to complain about how I’ve been here a day and a half and have had to clean up two piles inside the house already. There was going to be a lot of whining here.

And I think I have good reason to be whiny and exhausted. But today I’m going to strive to be positive. My friends just had their first baby! His name is Owen and I haven’t seen him (they haven’t left the hospital yet and the pic I saw was a wrinkly little raisin), but he’s the first born among my friends, so it’s exciting.

I rode yesterday, and while it wasn’t a great ride (*refrains from whining*), I’m glad I got one last ride in before my week away (and a week of intense heat!). I also did all the barn chores, so I feel less bad about eating those three cupcakes last night while rewatching The Force Awakens. And I saw some toads, which isn’t unusual, but most of the time they are large (the size of a coaster), but I also saw a tiny one (pictured) who was roughly the size of a quarter. (Let me tell you, it’s hard to take a picture of something that small, in poor lighting, while playing the game of “how close can I get before you hop away.”)

The rest of the day was a blur of frustration and exhaustion, so I won’t go on about it. This week was pretty good in the writing avenue, and though I’m sleepy and grumpy, I’m going to try to keep that momentum going this morning. Possibly while listening to Christmas music. Because reasons 😉 Hey, it is Christmas in July, isn’t it?!

Hop to it!

Well, least there’s corn on the cob?

This week has been very up and down.

Up: I ordered my friend’s birthday present early enough that it might arrive on time.
Down: I spent Sunday at a family reunion, which in itself isn’t bad, but not how I want to spend the whole day (most of it in a car).
Up: I hit my editing goal and I think I added some good emotion development to a scene.
Down: I didn’t have time to write much last weekend.
Up: My meals have been very yummy. Summer corn on the cob. Mmm.
Down: I got kind of a downer email at work and I’m obsessing on it.
Up: I got to eat KFC on Sunday.
Down: My diet didn’t do well this weekend >.<
Up: I had a really good ride on Sunday and an OK one today
Down: I may not be able to move tomorrow 😀

We’ve been having temperatures in the 80s, but with the storms that moved in last night and today, our high today was barely in the 60s. And it was windy. And slippery from the rain. So we went on a trail ride (the ring wasn’t a mess), me on the quarter horse I’m working with and a young woman on a crazy Arabian (the one I rode on Monday). She’s a better (and more calm/confident) rider. But the winds were high, the horses were spooky, and we rode for two hours when I was expecting one. Nothing bad happened, but it was more tense than I usually like. But it was gorgeous out. Shining sun and not too hot, to say the least. I’m just glad I was on the saner horse.

This is the long-haired barn cat we have at the barn. Yes, a long-haired barn cat. I swear he’s not as pissy as the picture seems to imply. He actually hides in the hayloft most of the time to avoid the dogs. His name’s Alexander and he’s a sweetheart. (You’re getting a picture of him because I didn’t take any on the ride :p)

I was told you wanted an update

After my one pair of “barn pants” exploded (they caught on a piece of wood, and instead of snagging, they ripped from my knee to my crotch in .08 seconds), I went on search for a new pair. I refuse to buy brand new jeans (especially when they will be covered in grime in short order), so I head to Goodwill. Sadly, no luck. Thankfully, there are two more Goodwills I can try.

Of course, as clothing experiences tend to do, I now feel fat and want to lose this butt jiggle that I’ve obtained from sitting at a desk all day. And regret that I didn’t work out as much over this summer as I’d hoped to.

I bought a Sudoku book, all of hard puzzles, which pleases me just fine. And I stumbled upon a G.K. Chesterton book (The Innocence of Father Brown) an author Neil Gaiman mentions often (unless I’m confusing authors, but I don’t think I am), so was worth checking out (for $.27).

Finally, I’m in charge of barn duties from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, so that time of my life is gone, but I don’t mind. I’ll hopefully get to ride both times, so that soothes any annoying conflicts.

And finally, for real this time, I have been writing and making ideas and such, but I’m thinking of it being a real book, so I’m torn with sharing it online (since I don’t want to be a story tease or anything). However, if I fall through on actually finishing it, I’ll be sure to share to show that the year of 25 was not wasted.