I was told you wanted an update

After my one pair of “barn pants” exploded (they caught on a piece of wood, and instead of snagging, they ripped from my knee to my crotch in .08 seconds), I went on search for a new pair. I refuse to buy brand new jeans (especially when they will be covered in grime in short order), so I head to Goodwill. Sadly, no luck. Thankfully, there are two more Goodwills I can try.

Of course, as clothing experiences tend to do, I now feel fat and want to lose this butt jiggle that I’ve obtained from sitting at a desk all day. And regret that I didn’t work out as much over this summer as I’d hoped to.

I bought a Sudoku book, all of hard puzzles, which pleases me just fine. And I stumbled upon a G.K. Chesterton book (The Innocence of Father Brown) an author Neil Gaiman mentions often (unless I’m confusing authors, but I don’t think I am), so was worth checking out (for $.27).

Finally, I’m in charge of barn duties from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, so that time of my life is gone, but I don’t mind. I’ll hopefully get to ride both times, so that soothes any annoying conflicts.

And finally, for real this time, I have been writing and making ideas and such, but I’m thinking of it being a real book, so I’m torn with sharing it online (since I don’t want to be a story tease or anything). However, if I fall through on actually finishing it, I’ll be sure to share to show that the year of 25 was not wasted.

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