Links and lalala

I went to West Chester today to visit the tattoo shop. The guy was very nice (though my friend was worried b/c he has a teardrop tattoo–a sign of killing someone in prison?) and gave us estimates and we made appointments for Saturday.

(I didn’t meditate today, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Just too hectic and buzzy today, which one could argue is when I should meditate the most. Maybe I’ll do it before bed.)

On our way into town, my friend played me The Rake by The Decemberists. It’s pretty messed up, but kind of a catchy tune. If you like children you may not want to listen.

Still reading Wishing on a Blue Star, which is good, just not something I can power through, unlike Tigers and Devils, which I read yesterday (when everyone else was watching the Super Bowl). Also still working on You Better Not Cry, which is good, if not sad. Possibly more sad than Wishing on a Blue Star, which is about someone with terminal cancer. I guess You Better Not Cry is more lonely sad, while WBS is just achingly sad.

Need to text my brother to see if he wants to get together for lunch. I don’t think either of us have time.

Trapped Between Busy and Exhausted

Holy Miracle Worker Batman, I’ve been busy this week, and it’s only Wednesday. And the rest of the week doesn’t slow up any. Whoooosh.

Monday I got my car back from the shop, did some writing, some editing and wrapped up some loose ends that needed wrapped. Not too busy-rushed feeling, but it’s amazing how time consuming things are.

Tuesday, yesterday, was a barn day and I got back and baked some oatmeal pumpkin bars. I’ve begun eating poorly again and I’m hoping to jump kick myself in the head. The bars are pretty healthy, so I’m hoping that helps.

Today I have Group and a small slot of time beforehand which I’m still figuring out what I’ll do with it. Exercising is a must! But otherwise, torn.

Tomorrow I have barn and then a meeting, which is at 7 and will probably take way too long.

Friday is friends. Saturday is riding and then groceries (unless I get REAL motivated and do that tonight) and whatever else I can fit into that time. Sunday is Easter.

I should be clear from posting for a while, unless anything interesting comes up.

Side note: Movies have soundtracks, and it’s obviously not plausible to have a soundtrack to a book (unless it’s a book on tape), but have you ever created a playlist for one of your characters?