Trapped Between Busy and Exhausted

Holy Miracle Worker Batman, I’ve been busy this week, and it’s only Wednesday. And the rest of the week doesn’t slow up any. Whoooosh.

Monday I got my car back from the shop, did some writing, some editing and wrapped up some loose ends that needed wrapped. Not too busy-rushed feeling, but it’s amazing how time consuming things are.

Tuesday, yesterday, was a barn day and I got back and baked some oatmeal pumpkin bars. I’ve begun eating poorly again and I’m hoping to jump kick myself in the head. The bars are pretty healthy, so I’m hoping that helps.

Today I have Group and a small slot of time beforehand which I’m still figuring out what I’ll do with it. Exercising is a must! But otherwise, torn.

Tomorrow I have barn and then a meeting, which is at 7 and will probably take way too long.

Friday is friends. Saturday is riding and then groceries (unless I get REAL motivated and do that tonight) and whatever else I can fit into that time. Sunday is Easter.

I should be clear from posting for a while, unless anything interesting comes up.

Side note: Movies have soundtracks, and it’s obviously not plausible to have a soundtrack to a book (unless it’s a book on tape), but have you ever created a playlist for one of your characters?

7 thoughts on “Trapped Between Busy and Exhausted

  1. Eating more poorly than almost a dozen donughts in 2 days?”I’m hoping to jump kick myself in the head.” LOL.Created a play list as in music they listen to in the book, or as in music that would suit them/their personality? I don’t generally hear music (or listen to it) while I write, as I’m too focused on trying to “see” the events and be “in scene.”So, I guess the answer is no. Though I have characters to whom I would associate music. For instance, on the novel I worked on, got 90% finished, and then scrapped, I could totally tell you what kind of music would play behind the main character’s scenes in a movie based on the book. Revamping that work is my next ungodly project.I’ve also toyed with the uber cheesy idea of creating a work based around titles to Def Leppard songs. Not based on the band, or necassarily the music itself (as Mama Mia was) but just using the song titles as chapter titles/guides, and writing based on the title. Just to do it as a neat project and give me some guides and something to brainstorm around and an outline to writing without actually having to do any of that damn outlining that I keep thinking would be a good idea but never do.I gotta get me a small notebook to take every where so I can write down ideas as they come. Problem is, once I do that, I get 100 ideas, only about 5 of which are any good, and I get discouraged. Which is pretty much what happened with Novel #1 and what I’m guarding against on “Needles.”Now you know why I have such a “do I, don’t I” conundrum with outlines.

  2. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific, just kinda a vague answer. I just sometimes hear songs and think “that really speaks to so-and-so.” As for the Def Leppard project, it is a wee bit cheesy, but only if you make it that way. Lots of people use music (titles/lyrics/etc) as inspiration for pieces. I know I’ve used quotes/songs as starting off points for short stories. It would be interesting to see what came from it in the least!

  3. Yeah, I’m thinking the DL project would be a short story. As would “The Incredibly Colorful Adventures of Mr. Happy in a Grey and Unincredible World.” Its interesting, becuase I’ve thought about making that one a three parter, one from Happy’s point of view, one seeing the same events, but from a dreary personality who crosses Happy’s path, and maybe some third view, maybe as narrator. “Happy” is designed to incorporate the entire Mind/Emotion, Tigger/Eyeore philosphy I’ve blogged about.The original cover art was intended to be entirely composed of a yellow smiley face. Imagine my surprise when I found out Watchmen beat me to the idea by about, oh, 20 or so years.

  4. Why have I never heard about Mr. Happy before? Sounds brilliant!Instead of doing one smiley face, you could do a cover full of smilies. Though arguably if it’s a short story it won’t have a cover..unless it’s part of a compilation…..

  5. Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm re: Mr. Happy.The multiple smiley face might work. Though Mr. Happy is probably the only one of his kind in that world, so multiple faces is probably wrong.That’s a heck of a story to write. I have to make Mr. Happy, well, happy, without sounding like Forrest Gump or Mr. Bean. I have to give him conflict without ruining him and wihtout being cheesy. He has to solve these problems without, I think, obvious super powers. Its an uphill battle I’m not sure I’m ready to attack.I’m thinking maybe I’ll rewrite Liberty, that unfinished novel, while working on outlines for Mr. Happy. Yes, outlines. That one will need to be outlined and framed up. No stream of conciousness writing on that one.

  6. Nay. I get into character. I actually don’t think it would be that hard. I even act out the actions I’m writing sometimes. Gives me a feel for the action and let’s me “see” stuff around me.He’s not a happy nitwit, so its not like he’s running 1000 miles a minute or anything. But you might be right. We’ll see.

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