The Wind of Winds

Sweet Saturday, thy name is pleasure.

Okay, I may be over dramatizing a bit! But weekends are wonderful. This morning I went to the barn and rode, which was windy but fun, since my horse is only slightly lame and hopefully will heal without any care, just time off. Then home for shower and food and off to the store to buy dice (a lot of dice. 260. don’t ask.) and cards (because I’d like to start playing Contract Rummy and Hand&Foot again. so I needed decks of cards). Also, while I was out I found this:

Which is odd, I’ll give you that. They are candy snakes. Lollipops from what I gathered. My one friend loves snakes, so…I had to. 😀

I also picked up the game Apples to Apples, which was mucho fun when I played it at group and I’ll be bringing it to my brother’s birthday party. Plus the game that we played a year ago where we all insulted said brother having birthday. I wonder which one he’ll want to play….

I actually have the next step of one of my stories sort of worked out in my head, which makes me feel better. I also have a vague plan of doing a serial story like writers used to do in newspapers. Part of me wants to do it just to do it, part of me sees it as a challenge, part of me thinks it would get some sh*t done.

In totally unrelated, not getting sh*t done news, I read two “comics” which I wanted to share, although most my people know about them. One is XKCD, an example of this is:
They are uber geek.

The other is A Softer World, which is like this:

They are kinda indie.

Both make me feel smart. Both make me feel stupid. And I enjoy both experiences!

A side note (also, congrats if you made it down this far), I’m considering not getting cable TV anymore. I don’t watch loads of TV, and it would be best not to have that temptation anyways, right? Plus I’d save $20 a month, which isn’t really a lot (which is why I question dropping TV). Err, I’m still debating this one, but I guess input would be appreciated.

One thought on “The Wind of Winds

  1. Hey, you have to do what you want to do, re: TV. I couldn't do it. I need it as A) an unwinder & B) for the sports. But A may or may not apply, and B probably doesn't.You can get a lot of TV, especially stuff you seem to watch, online, streamed over your computer. So you might not be missing much. Not sure about Survivor Man, though. Thought you were addicted.

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