On Rain and It’s Ickiness

It can stop all this raining any time now.

I know it’s April, and I know the old children’s rhyme, but it’s really cramping my go-outside-and-ride ability. Not only is riding outside in the rain normally a no-no (due to destruction of leather), but it makes the ground shit to ride on. But I suppose it needs to get it out of it’s system. Maybe I’m just grumpy because I think it’s making my horse lame.

BTW, for those of you who didn’t know about it, Google Reader is amazing. It lets you watch everything that gets updated on a regular or semi-regular basis, like blogs, comics, and anything with an RSS feed. It has cut down on my morning clicks by a large amount, I assure you.

I moved to the second level of the 30-day Shred. 20 minutes of planks, is really what it amounts to. Frogger Planks, Jumping Jack Planks, Side-to-Side Planks. However, since I’d like to beef up my upper body, this will have positive results. Assuming I don’t die.

I’ve been feeling especially unfocused and restless lately. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing how unfocused and restless I am. I swear I’m not that way all the time. There’s just so many interesting things in the world. And while that means I get easily distracted/provoked, it also means when I do things, I wonder how it will compare to all the other wonders. I know I shouldn’t, it should be about me, making me happy, doing what’s best–or at least my best. But still frustrating.

The buckets are still raining down, but it should be nice for my brother’s birthday. Warm and sunny if the forecast says. But all this rain means riding tomorrow will be limited or nonexistent. But no chicken counting. I’ve continued ready Education of Little Tree because I was looking at another book and realized that I should finish at least one of the three I’m currently reading first. My next book? I’m not sure–I was looking at taking The Name of the Wind out of the library, but I also have some options of books I recently purchased. I guess we’ll have to see.

3 thoughts on “On Rain and It’s Ickiness

  1. I use Google Reader through blogger. You can “follow” anything with an RSS feed (though I only use it for blogs/news sites right now I guess it would work for RSS-fed comics).Planks are tough. I do front planks on a stability ball, and side planks with my feet raised. But I’ve found good core strength helps you in a lot of ways – from stability and cordination to strength and being able to lift more.I think this may sum up where restlessness and “unfocused” nature arise from: http://100and1things.blogspot.com/2009/03/two-new-thoughts-from-curious-minds.html

  2. Don’t know how I forgot to post this the first time around…Your own site quotes “Sometimes it needs to rain, so we love the sunshine even more.”Well, now we’ll love the Sunday sun EVEN MORE MORE. lol.

  3. I like to keep blogger just for following blogs, and Reader automatically picks up my blogs that I follow, so it all works out. I just like to have something separate for blogs. Don’t ask, I’m odd.I know planks are good, but I wanted to die by the end. I have no upper body strength. But I will be buff!And yes, I know we are alike in our…um…inability to stay focused on things. I actually have a sign in my cube at work that says “Focus” just to remind me sometimes. But it does keep life more interesting!You are, of course, right, I am that much happier to see the sun because I had to deal with the rain. And the rain wasn’t that bad, it was done by the time I was done work so we went out to Pville’s First Friday, which was fun.

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