Half way there (oooh oooh)

We are officially half way through the month of November and by association Nanowrimo. For those participating, that means they should have 25,000 words. For me, I don’t have any set number, but something tells me I should be a little further along than I am.

Just over two weeks left and I have over 8 chapters to write, which is about 16,000 words (I aim each chapter to be roughly 2,000 words). It’s probably closer to 20,000 if I include all the chunks I’m missing in text.

I succeeded in my previous weeks goals and now have the rest of the story plotted out and one of the chapters written. However, in order to finish in time, I’m going to need to up the amount of work I’m doing daily and spend more time thinking about CL than I have been. No pressure.

My goals for the next week:

  • Finish all back chapters and missing sections
  • Write two new sections

I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to get things done in time. Just gotta work harder!

A day late

I really did mean to post yesterday. In fact, over the course of the day, I thought several times, “I have to do my blog post tonight.” But as I headed home I got an awful headache, so I watched Rent, which made me cry and did nothing to help the headache. So I curled up and did some light reading. My headache is mostly gone, though I imagine it’ll be back by tonight.

I was not as productive as I would have liked with my Nano project. It seems that once I put myself to the task of working on one novel, four different ideas would all like their chance to shine. I’m being good and only writing down notes for them, but still, it’s a distraction. I think I’ve figured out their ages and how that will change to make it less uncomfortable for the readers, and I have some scenes planned in a vague sense. I’m not sure where to end exactly. Do I resolve everything? Do I just have it set up for resolution with the assumption that everything is resolved? I’m leaning toward the latter because politics isn’t my thing.

Also, I’ve realized two points in my writing that need major work, so I’m hoping to fix them: 1. Loose language. I’ve gotten so caught up in getting the story across that I’ve begun losing the fun of telling the story. My language has become mediocre, boring and repetitive. My next major project will be creating a novella that institutes more creative language. 2. Relationships over Plot. Relationships fascinate me, so I’ve been doing more writing that involves studying them than much plot aside from the basics. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this in itself, but I think I’ve been doing it so much that my writing has soured of it. I need to re-freshen my angles.

My goals for the week:

  • write one scene; and
  • plot out plot to the end.

That’s it for now.

Nanowrimo 2010

As I previously reported, I am not participating in Nanowrimo, at least not properly. My novel from last year, Clockwork Lives, has sat unfinished on my laptop for the year, with me prodding it a few times when I didn’t have any other stories in progress. So, the plan is to work on CL this year for Nano, finishing up the scenes I skipped and concluding the story (since my resolution didn’t resolve like I was expecting it to last November).

My initial plan was to work on my laptop since it was once again working after some bad spots this summer. I wrote most of CL on my lappy and it seemed fitting. It also helps me avoid distractions (like…blogs). However, yesterday, when I sat down to read through last year’s work, my laptop refused to boot. AWESOME. Thankfully I have a backup of the story, and I don’t think it’s too outdated, so I’m now working off that. I don’t think there is much that is on my computer that is desperately needed to be saved, but who knows. Still planning on getting that fixed.

I hope to give an update on my progress at the beginning of each week. This week is obviously day one. Today I read through the entire story, making small edits and tracking some facts I’d forgotten (appearances) and some that need changed (ages, which were originally true to the era, but will need fixed to make it marketable).

My goals for this week are:

  • sketch out an ending;
  • write at least some new content; and
  • re-do ages.

Three small goals. Let’s see how it goes! See you all next week.

Summertime and the livin’s easy.

When I was young(er), the Sublime lyrics “..in the summertime, the livin’s easy” felt true. At least until I was 15 and got a job, from which point every summer was working. Summer came to mean hard work, heat, sweat and no friends, through most of high school and all of college. Now that I’m in the real world and work all the time, summer is a time of longer days, different work clothes, and more sunshine. Of course, with the amiable weather, I’m enticed to venture out of my cave and participate in the world (as in, the horse world). Life isn’t so easy as hectic, and I think winter is when my “easy” time comes.

I’ve been listening to a podcast cohosted by J. Michael Tatum, who is a voice actor for some of the anime shows I watch. The basis of the show is that the two hosts (both voice actors) interview a guest (also a voice actor, although sometimes a director or engineer). Of course they often discussed being in the field of acting, how they had to take risks, how no job is really stable and that most just give you a false sense of security by being 9-5, when in fact you can be fired at any time. Hearing them talk about following their dreams, doing things they really love, and just DOING what they like, made me take a look at my own life.

This summer has not been easy on me. I’ve felt unmotivated and depressed for much of it, overwhelmed and exhausted for the rest. When I’m not goinggoinggoing, I’m struggling to relax and sink into reading or writing or television. While I’ve done plenty this summer (horses, writing, reading wise), I feel unsatisfied at where I stand. As if all my hard work hasn’t actually progressed me forward. It’s frustrating and saddening, and it needs to stop!

My point? I had a point? Oh, yes! I remember now…

There are only about two more months in which I’ll be riding four times a week, so my goal is to ride during those weeks and enjoy it while I can, before it turns bitterly cold and I’m miserable waking up twice a week to schlomp out in the cold (why do I do this again?). Step 1, enjoy horses while I can enjoy them.

Step 2 involves motivation. I was originally considering taking a language course at the local community college (Spanish or ASL, I was undecided). This would cost about $300 (after class fees and text book purchases). I figured it would be a good way to fill my time in the winter. As much as I do want to take a language, I need to do something productive first. I need to prove to myself that I can do what I want in life.

So step three involves sending something out for publication somewhere. I don’t care if it’s a short story, a tawdry romance, or an actual novel. I need to put polish on something and send it by March 31. I will be scheduling up baby steps for getting along that path, and I will have to find something to motivate me to stick to the schedule, but that’s the Plan.

Finally, in an afterthought sort of way…November is Nanowrimo, once again. I shall be participating, I’m fairly certain, and I have the beginnings of an idea brewing. However, I feel bad since my last Nano project was nearly abandoned once November was over. That’s not good 😦 If I decide to not actually do Nano, I may do something where I finish up last year’s project, which could fit it nicely with step 3.