We are all kings here.

I’ve just returned from my vacation (a mini-vacation, really) and exhausted…well I arrived last night. After a night’s rest (and an afternoon nap) and being protected by my guard dog (who is only more than a yard from me when I put up barriers), I feel a little bit more human.

Now that my vacation is over, I’ll have more time to work on those things that were pushed to the side in favor of sewing/crafting. Of course, we are already beginning to look into next year’s projects, but we have time (and time to change our minds). I just want to return to the groove of my life, but that cannot begin until I’m no longer under the protection of my guard dog. Ah well.

For a period of time early this year, I’d been writing alot of short stories, which was freeing, but also damning. I felt nothing much would come of them, except to share them with the internet (which…err…I’ll get to!) so I decided to cut back and instead focus on my longer works. I’m not sure it worked to my favor, but I also had other obligations arise (see vacation notes), so I suppose I still have to give it a chance. I also decided to participate in Shousetsu Bang*Bang’s next issue…so I actually have to write something for a deadline now. Which will hopefully kick start my sudden dry spell.

For now…adieu.

This side of morning

Hmmm, I’ll be brief: Otakon was a blast!

I didn’t take too many pictures, but my friends did, so I have pictures, but nothing like the first year I went ^.^ Anyways, it was a really good time and it sucks to be back at work. Any stress that left while on vacation has returned sixfold with the backlog of work. And an editor who doesn’t really realize all that I do.

I didn’t do alot of writing while at the convention, but I did a fair amount the day I got back, and the day after (which I took off for recooperating purposes). It was mostly just an exercise type thing, but I kind of like the world I created, so I may return to it. It’s also something I don’t feel comfortable sharing with people I see face-to-face yet, so it’s hidden on my other dA account. Feel free to try and find it 🙂 My writing style may give it away. I’ll even give a hint: I’m an angel 😉

And one picture, because it’s the main character from my thesis and he pulled it off well with Smiley-Face Blades and all:
The picture came out dark, so I tried to sharpen it and blur the background to keep people from being in the pic who maybe didn’t want to be. The closest group of people are my friends waiting for me to get done humping on this guy.

Maybe a real update later….*giggle*

Of Dice and Men

If anyone were to ask me (and they won’t, but if they did) what I spent my Saturday night doing, I can honestly say “I was gluing dice together.”

Let’s start…well not from the beginning, but at least the start of today. Riding (of course), then a horse clinic (no surprise there). Then home, showered, fed. Out shopping (here’s where it gets interesting) for cosplay stuff. I was successful, and that success enticed me to get working on one of my cosplays’ props…a dice city. It’s something I’m enjoying (which should probably terrify you a bit), and I may add onto it after Otakon. But we’ll see.

Otherwise, I think I’ve purchased most of the items I need for my characters, missing only a shirt, things I need to order online, and some metal bits. But I’m feeling the mood a bit more (this Friday helped alot. It just felt…more right?)

Side note: Having gone to bed around 1 AM and woken up at 6:45 and been up and busy all day, I can feel myself crashing. Hopefully I can hold out until 10 and I will sleep well tonight (although most likely wake up stiffer than a log).