We are all kings here.

I’ve just returned from my vacation (a mini-vacation, really) and exhausted…well I arrived last night. After a night’s rest (and an afternoon nap) and being protected by my guard dog (who is only more than a yard from me when I put up barriers), I feel a little bit more human.

Now that my vacation is over, I’ll have more time to work on those things that were pushed to the side in favor of sewing/crafting. Of course, we are already beginning to look into next year’s projects, but we have time (and time to change our minds). I just want to return to the groove of my life, but that cannot begin until I’m no longer under the protection of my guard dog. Ah well.

For a period of time early this year, I’d been writing alot of short stories, which was freeing, but also damning. I felt nothing much would come of them, except to share them with the internet (which…err…I’ll get to!) so I decided to cut back and instead focus on my longer works. I’m not sure it worked to my favor, but I also had other obligations arise (see vacation notes), so I suppose I still have to give it a chance. I also decided to participate in Shousetsu Bang*Bang’s next issue…so I actually have to write something for a deadline now. Which will hopefully kick start my sudden dry spell.

For now…adieu.

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