Another Year Wiser

I had my birthday last weekend, in which I got a little crisp (but nothing that hurt for more than 24 hours), but otherwise had a lot of time having fun in the sun with my family (especially the three five-year-olds). I might not ever want kids, but I love my nephews and niece! They really make for a fun birthday.

Of course, birthday parties mean less time writing (I literally woke up, ran to the barn, got home, napped, then went to gatherings until 8pm, at which point I was so exhausted I didn’t have brain cells to rub together to form a story).

But I got stuff. First off, my stuffed Fluffy arrived. He’s from the manga/anime The Morose Mononokean, and he’s adorable. I actually bought him for myself a couple of weeks ago, but I regret nothing. He’s very soft. And it was a nice gift to find on my birthday 🙂 Though I had to hide him when the kids came over!

If you saw my previous post, you saw me mention that as a kid/teen, I had an obsession with taking pictures of presents that I’d received. I still do that, although slightly less often now, oddly enough, even though it’s easier now.

I mostly take pictures to send to my friends. But I’m still not sure what my obsession with it is. Maybe so I don’t forget that I own this thing? Even though I own the thing, so I obviously have it. Although, now that I think about it, I believe at one time I heard that insurance companies only would replace personal items in a house if you had proof that you owned said item. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, or if a picture would even prove you owned it, but I think I got it in my head that I needed to take pictures of all my presents so the insurance company would buy me my stuff if we got robbed/the house burned down.

I don’t know. I was weird. Because I’m obviously not now.

So, good news on the writing front: Once I finish the current xmas story (which has a fast-approaching deadline, so I’ll either finish or give up), I can return to the rom-coms that I’ve been working on, and hopefully will have more information to share than just “Still not done yet.”

On celebrating maturity

After a wonderful evening last night, too little sleep and an overall pretty good ride this morning, most of my day was spent curled under my covers sleeping, or existing in a half-sleep. And now I’m getting ready to go out; what a party animal I am. 😀

In reality it’s a 4-H Christmas dinner, so not nearly as exciting. I still don’t know everyone’s name, but I’m slowly working on it. It’s weird, because I’m a leader, but some people still think I’m a member, and I don’t really know if I do much “leading.” But baby steps, right? I was never really a leader personality, not in the sense that 4-H uses, anyways.

I’m always incredibly nervous going to these things, because I don’t fit in anywhere. The kids (aged 8-18, mostly on the low side of that scale) don’t really have much in common with a 25 year old, but then the adults (mostly parents and other 4-H leaders) don’t either. Which makes me really want to avoid things like this. And yet here I am, all prettied up (because sometimes you just want to feel pretty).

Because, if you don’t keep trying to get better at things, like awkward situations, then you never get better at them. So wish me luck.