On celebrating maturity

After a wonderful evening last night, too little sleep and an overall pretty good ride this morning, most of my day was spent curled under my covers sleeping, or existing in a half-sleep. And now I’m getting ready to go out; what a party animal I am. 😀

In reality it’s a 4-H Christmas dinner, so not nearly as exciting. I still don’t know everyone’s name, but I’m slowly working on it. It’s weird, because I’m a leader, but some people still think I’m a member, and I don’t really know if I do much “leading.” But baby steps, right? I was never really a leader personality, not in the sense that 4-H uses, anyways.

I’m always incredibly nervous going to these things, because I don’t fit in anywhere. The kids (aged 8-18, mostly on the low side of that scale) don’t really have much in common with a 25 year old, but then the adults (mostly parents and other 4-H leaders) don’t either. Which makes me really want to avoid things like this. And yet here I am, all prettied up (because sometimes you just want to feel pretty).

Because, if you don’t keep trying to get better at things, like awkward situations, then you never get better at them. So wish me luck.

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