Strange Happenings…

So I had something really odd happen yesterday.

My mother and I went down home to visit my grandmother, whose birthday is in a couple days and will be turning 78. She’s lucid and healthy and relatively active. Just kind of a shut in, doesn’t get out much and kinda is overwhelming when we visit because of this. Otherwise, perfectly normal.

So my mother and I were playing cards (and trying to get my grandmother to play) when my grandmother remembers she has “dirty” cards. So she hunts them out and looks through them. They end up that they are dirty cards of women, mostly just topless.

Well my grandmother looks through these cards with a rather of a bit of interest, and then I hear later that my grandmother used to buy “girly” (not sure if it was used in the sexy women mag or perfume, makeup and styling mag way) mags to “compare herself to.”

It’s just one of those things that makes you go.. “huh….”

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