Sushi is not raw fish

After eating out at two “Asian fusion” restaurants in the past several weeks, I felt the urge to make my own sushi again.

I dislike raw fish, so I purchase canned salmon, and sometimes use artificial crab meat.

This time I used canned salmon. Last time I purchased canned salmon it had bones and such in it, which creeped me out, and I thought the can was bad. However, this time I also got bones and such, and I noticed the can was marked “traditional.” It seems traditional has some bones and skin. I will avoid that from now on. I do not want salmon spine in mah food.

Everything went smoothly, I made large rolls using whole sheets and small rolls using half sheets, and I think the half sheet works better. As for the cooking of sushi rice: It’s a pain in the arse on the stove top, since it requires changing temperatures and all that nonsense. Having a rice cooker makes life pleasant, and all I have to watch is that it doesn’t “boil” over. That makes life pleasant.

I top the rolls off with some dill, to add flavor (since I only use one filling at a time, and I like a little difference). Although they don’t hold well (tend to get more rubbery as they sit), I’ll probably take this batch for lunch tomorrow.

In other news, I played lots of Paper Mario today, because why would I want to be productive? I also finally stopped by the asian grocery store that’s near me (right down the street in P-ville), after stopping by twice yesterday and finding them closed. They have a pretty good assortment, but nothing to replace a trip to C-town once and a while. However, the man in the store said if I needed anything, they could order it, and they can hook me up with sushi rice, along with nori sheets.

I watched some Death Note (on Ep. 8). And did some writing (which can be found on my creative blog and my dA). I also got bug bites, and I have no idea from where (unless it was at my Noodles house or transportation to and from).

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