Exhaustion by any other name….

It started friday night…

I went to bed at 1 am and woke up at 5:30…no reason, just couldn’t sleep. I napped through out the day, but nothing really restorative.

Saturday night was better, but restless, I kept waking up and having weird dreams.

Last night was about the same, though finally from 2-6:30 I slept fairly deeply.

I hope this sleeping problem doesn’t continue. I’ve always depended on sleep as one stability in my life. I also hope it’s not because they turned on the new lamps on my block (which are bright as fuckin’ day). Or, if it is because of that, that I may learn to sleep with the light again, even though I just learned to adjust to sleeping on absolute dark (and that I sleep better that way). Or curtains, I suppose.

So this week is starting of with me being groggy and sore. Awesome.

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