On working

Although my desire to run away from work is not as strong as it was Monday, still, this week seems to be taking it’s time. It’s odd, cause the work day doesn’t seem to take long, and my evenings are too long, but then each day I wake up thinking “It’s only ____day?”

Today starts the interviews I’m conducting for the article I’m writing. I really dislike conducting interviews–talking to people about things that barely interest me. I always worry I’ll sound like a moron. I love when people agree to e-mail interviews. So much less work for me. But I’m going to have at least 3, probably 4, interviews over the phone. Which means conducting them, transcribing them, then writing the article on them. It’s a bad sign when the article is on the Wii and I can’t even get excited.

Well, after today the weekend will surely arrive more quickly–after all, Thursday is good and Friday is wonderful. So yay.

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