salut, january

I’ve been kinda pendulumatic lately, so I apologize if I’ve worried anyone, or thrown anyone for a loop. Parts of life were really scary for a bit there, and parts of life were being made more terrible in my imagination than they really were. But is it not the darkness of winter that lingers in our hearts? Or something like that.

My writing has not been so much lately, although my once a week promise still stands strong. For my large project I’m going to have to write a battle, and it should be pretty grand in the scheme of things, and this terrifies me, because I’m not really a fighter. So…that’s next.

Tonight I put “write” on my to-do list, and since I’m avoiding said battle scene, I wrote this piece. I’m rather fond of it in this moment and may call it “Mirror Child” although it’s one of my Tales and thus normally has no name.

I also made a half-batch of brownies tonight in my pie dish. (half batch = 1 oz chocolate, .5 c sugar, .25 c oil/butter, 1 egg, .25 c flour, touch of vanilla/extract of choice) Yummy. And bakes in 12 minutes. And keeps me from being a complete pig! Currently I’m just apiglette.

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