From Great Heights We Shall Fall

My weekend was pretty good. Friday I got together with friends; Saturday I rode and got needed shopping done; Sunday I rode and got more shopping done since my family came down with illness. Today started off pretty good until I found out my company has been laying off again and cutting hours. I keep hearing the phrase, “I’m sure everyone knows how bad the economy is” and I want to snort and say “no, I don’t. I don’t follow the news and listen to the crippling information that our economy is going to hell because some people made bad decisions and we have to pay to fix it.

I’m glad to have my job and be working, no matter how much I hate working (in a general sense) sometimes. I’m glad to be able to pay my bills and be able to eat and all that stuff. But sometimes I wonder if I buy too many things that are frivolous that I wouldn’t need. I question doing cosplay for Otakon this year, because do I really need to spend all that money on a costume I’ll wear once? And not just one, but two (and technically 3, because I may closet cosplay).

I know you can’t just curl up and not spend any money, because that doesn’t help the economy either, but what’s the limit? Where is the line between saving too much and spending too much?

Tonight was spent writing (1 hr) and watching Big Bang Theory (since I purchased season 1 on DVD). It didn’t help that one of the episodes I watched tonight had Penny being broke and unable to pay her bills, etc. I can’t honestly remember if it was new or first season, since they were all intermingled, but it doesn’t really matter.

I wish I was in a job with absolute job security, or at least in a field with it? Or maybe I would always be paranoid. Sometimes I think what I do is pointless, but then I realize not everyone can do it. But then people say things like “Yeah, but you understand it still” and I wonder, well, is grammar going to fade away and die? Then I think about phrases like the panda who “eats, shoots, and leaves” vs “eats shoots and leaves”. True, I’m not doing life-saving work, but I suppose if I edited medical journals it would be. At least my work is educational for others.

A month ago I was thinking about buying a new laptop. I was still considering it up until today. I was actually considering going for a full fledged laptop instead of a netbook and just dishing out the extra cash. And now I’m questioning if I should. I guess I’ll still save up for it and we’ll see how it goes. I hate feeling this way.

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