Sitting before work

I’m sitting with my bowl of oatmeal before work, taking a deep breath and relaxing.

It’s going to be cold today, well, colder than other days, but this weekend is supposed to be beautiful and warm, which I’m really looking forward to.

I’m glad it’s Thursday, but I really wish it were Friday. Though compared to some weeks, it’s not too bad that it’s Thursday. I still have two more interviews to conduct for my article on the Wii’s use in “old folks homes”–I’m using that phrase only because it’s used in a wide variety of facilities. I’m finding them easy to do, but still nervous-making. One day I’ll be as confident as my coworkers–maybe :D.

Because I’m insanely busy this weekend (Friday: going to see Coraline, then hang out with friends; Saturday: Ride then go hang out with friends, shopping; Sunday: Ride and then maybe some deserved relaxation), I’m going grocery shopping tonight, which is odd to me, but the best time. But I’m trying to make miracles happen with pennies, so it’s always an adventure.

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