Where Does Time Go?

Really, I’ve nothing to say.

My exercise schedule improved this week, but yesterday instead of riding (per rain) or working out (per exhaustion) I watched Eight Below and Man in the Iron Mask simultaneously. In my defense, I was rather tired from this week, which involved me not being home most the time. And I had already gone grocery shopping.

I was cat-sitting this week for my friends who were in California, which meant I just stopped by their house twice this week to give the cat love and affection and companionship, while making sure it wasn’t dead. It wasn’t hard, although it was very hairy.

My current reading has stagnated. The Education of Little Tree pretty much stopped because it’s good, but not exciting, and I’m just not motivated for it. However, at a thrift store on Saturday I found a first printing of American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Okay, I’ll admit, this is my SECOND first printing copy…I think) and I started rereading that. Now that I’m taking my good ol’ time with it, I think I can appreciate it more. I really wish I’d done my senior thesis on that instead, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

It’s that time of the year when there are no breaks in the future and every day I want to call out and just sleep, do nothing, or go to the barn. And yet I keep going to work, because I’d rather use my days off when it’s REALLY nice and there is lots of sunshine. Today would totally count for that, but even if it hadn’t rained last night, I know we are at least 1 person short at work, and we may be 2, depending if the other person is over her sick. So into work I go.

In other news: I’m no longer craving donuts 🙂

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