My new laptop arrived on Wednesday (no, I’m not typing from it now…I actually created a new google account for it, because I segregate that way. I may change my mind later). It’s a Dell 12″ Mini that runs off Ubuntu. I still don’t like the motion pads for the mouse, but I’m getting better at typing without touching it every five seconds, and the screen is small enough that moving around doesn’t bother me too much either. I also have a spare mouse I can use for it, so if I’d want to.

But, the main purpose of it is writing. I have wireless internet with it, so I can log into google docs from pretty much anywhere, which is handy.

When I first started it, it seemed like it was running kinda slow, and I was worried. Today however, it seemed to be running faster, and I played around with it (testing the Messaging service it offers and setting up a google account) and I felt more comfortable with it. And the writing program it has is compatible with docs (one way, at least) so even if I can’t use google docs then I can write in that program.

It’s pretty minimalistic, with about a 40 gig harddrive, 1 meg of ram, it wont’ do anything amazing, but I didn’t get it so it could be sparkly and distracting. I just wanted something that could travel with me so I could write (and maybe surf the internet).

Part of me wishes I didn’t have internet connection with it, because that can be VERY distracting and the opposite of helpful. But on the other hand, it’s nice when you want to come up with a name and you can just go to a name-finding site. So we’ll see. I can’t really take the wifi out of the computer anyways, so I’d just have to exert will power to not use it. (Stop laughing…)

So I’m pretty happy with what I have now. The battery power seems pretty good (I got a 6 cell for that reason), and the only thing I’m not wild about is the case is all smooth and shiney, so every lil smudge shows. But I won’t grudge the small things! ^.^

3 thoughts on “Brilliant!

  1. Yep, the InterGoogle can be a distraction and deterent to writing. BUT, its nothing like having to get up to pick a name out of the phone book, or look up a word's spelling, definition, or some similar word that is right on the tip of your tongue but that you can't quite reach. Or maybe that only happens to me. I have this thing with specific words fitting specific situations and being “beautiful” if used in just so a way. I guess its a bit of a game I play with myself sometimes. A netbooks-gaming machine differentiation is the future. If you aren't gaming on a computer, it doesn't take many resources to use Google docs & visit Youtube and Facebook. Glad to see you caught onto Google docs, I love it.

  2. Yes, Google docs is great for writing at work and getting my work home without constantly using a flash drive (which I still seem to be getting a collection of). My netbook is love. Let’s hope a great novel comes from it!

  3. Yeah, nothing beats Google docs for portability, ease, convertability etc. etc. etc. You don’t have to worry about having 18different copies floating around and the “is this the most recent version, or is that at work?” You don’t have to worry (much) about losing your work when your computer dies or if you lose your computer or flash drive.And you never have to look at the stupid computer gibberish that results from opening Word X docs on Word C-fitted machines.

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