it’s always been forever

I keep thinking, “It’s been forever since I updated my blog!” when in reality it’s never more than a week. I’ve just been busy, none of it terribly important, or news-worthy.

1. Cosplay is going well. Updates can be found on my Whimsy blog. I have one major thing I need to do, one major thing I may do and a few minor things I keep putting off. Plus buying super glue and tide pens.

2. Writing is going well. I’ve been spending much of my free time the past week writing. Thus the state of my dishes. But I’d rather be writing. Mmm, writing.

3. In fact, I was so busy writing Sunday that I forgot that I had to cook food for lunch this week. It’s cool, I had PBJ today and cooked the food for the rest of the week. Err, and may have been too busy writing to realize I overcooked it. Que sera, or something.

4. I may have decided on the topic for Nanowrimo. Of course it’s several months away, so I may change my mind. Actually, the odds are probably in favor of me changing my mind ^.^

5. If I’ve been ignoring you, or being vague and distracted, it’s because I’m probably thinking, “I could be writing now.” I do this probably twelve times an hour at work. Please don’t take offense. I just hit 30,000 words with my one story while the other X take hiatus. I’m sure they’ll get their chance to play too. But the vampire boys are taking over for the moment.

6. I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something. But, HI EVERYBODY!!

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