I keep thinking ‘Today is the day’

Another week has slipped by.

Even when I’m not busy I’m busy and it’s kind of an odd feeling. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take those “in between moments” (like the few minutes before you leave for something or while you’re waiting for the bus or the likes) and gather them up and use them all at once? Maybe this is just me, since I try to never be late (thus am always early) and so I always am waiting for the set time that I planned to leave.

I’m hoping to go to the Celtic Fling this weekend. It’s not really hoping, since as long as it’s not perfectly miserable out we’ll be going, I’m sure. I had fun last year and I think I’ll have fun this year. It’s one of those things to not do anything, just experience. No pressure.

Riding has been normal, when I get to. We’ve gotten so much rain I’ve missed alot of days, and then Sunday instead of riding one of my horses I rode someone else’s, which could lead to more riding of his horses, but we’ll see. I’ll be exercising someone’s horse this week, which matches up to pony camp well, so it works out.

*I also just realized that while typing in “edit html” option I can still use the shortcuts for italics, bold, etc. Perhaps I’m silly for not realizing this earlier.

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