The sky is the color of a mango..the inside fleshy part

Today was my first day on mandatory closure, which I think I desperately needed and it was nice. Just like getting out of a shower after a long day of sun and sweat and a full belly of spaghetti. This is my current state and it is good.

I lounged around most the morning, doing none of the things I swore I would. Eventually I went running 4 miles. I showered, lounged around some more (mostly because I was doing a task, got distracted, and forgot the task I was doing).

I headed to the barn, where I lounged for a bit (a small bit) and then rode, a nice long trail on a horse that didn’t seem to understand the meaning of “move forward”. My legs snarked, “Maybe you shouldn’t have run 4 miles this morning.” I ignored them and we arrived back in time to clean off our horses (and ourselves), grab a bite to eat before heading to the ring to judge the pony camp. After that (which involves more manual labor than most judges do at shows), and after helping the kids get done their horses, and putting out horses, and scheduling my horses for the next week, I went home. 7 hours at a barn isn’t unreasonable, right?

Home offers me food, cleanliness and places where my feet can rest above my chest. It’s good.

I’ll probably be lacking internet for the next two days *weeps* but will be back to business once the work week starts. It will either prove very productive or very unproductive. Knowing me, it’ll be the latter. Although my apartment is cleaned enough to welcome a second love seat into my home. The only productive thing I’ve done all day. Yet. Hopefully more will come.

I’m craving Rita’s Water Ice right now. I’m not really dressed for it and it sucks to go alone. So no water ice. Just more of Lipton’s Diet Raspberry White Iced Tea*.

* Which is good, but not as good as Turkey Hill Diet Peach White Iced Tea. Perhaps just my preference of peaches.

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