Midnight walks in Paradise

Happy 4th of July, America. Okay, now that that’s done with, onto the post!

My new loveseat arrive with some adventure* but arrived and is being used and has found its place among us. It’s green and big and awkward, but I have seating for more than two people, which is really nice when..you know..more than two people show up.

My current book list hasn’t changed much lately, which happens when you don’t read. Hah. It’s too nice out to spend the time inside reading, and I feel weird reading in open public spaces. It could be said that if I spent less time on the computer I could spend more time reading. I could also hold my breath until my face turns blue, but I’m not gonna!

The audiobook I’m reading is going well, but I run into a slight mixed feeling about it (not the book, the audio version). The reader is good, but per its format, they can’t talk as fast as I read. I wonder if I was reading the book if I’d be done by now (I probably would be, or at least could be). But then I consider how much time I spend reading the books I actually read and I wonder if it would be sitting in a pile with the rest. It’s nice to do work around my apartment and get reading done at the same time (though I’m highly amused when I find myself talking to the air, making snarky comments about what was just said in the book).

I have two days of a riding clinic, which hopefully will be fun, and then another day off before I go back to work. All this time off is spoiling me something rotten. It also makes me want to bake. A lot. I made angel food on Thursday, angel/demon cookies last night, and Monday might be monkey bread. It’s a good think I like feeding people.

Hope everyone enjoys what promises to be a beautiful weekend!

* The adventure: Took one vehicle (Honda Fit) to location. Not big enough. Drive to get truck. Bring truck to location. Not big enough. Strap couch to roof and drive (slowly) to apartment. Get couch off roof (with just two itty bitty girls) and half way through first door. Get stuck. Neighbor comes. He and I get it unstuck and up 3 sets of 8 steps, with me on the bottom–for some reason. Second door is not a problem and I have a couch! I should mention I did this on 2 hours of sleep. And that four hours later I went riding.

6 thoughts on “Midnight walks in Paradise

  1. Sure. What are older brothers for if not to help with couch lugging. I ain't doing all this working out just for vanity purposes.Plus, its probably a breeze for me, while its probably much more work for you. Just makes sense from a division of labor point of view.But bravo for having done it yourself.

  2. Okay, well he's more buff in the way our brother is, not a you way. And he just happened to be coming in when we were bringing the couch in…and he couldn't get passed us…so it was rather more tricky than thought out. It just made it easier. I figured you had better things to do with your Saturday morning.

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