Because I haven’t updated in a while.

I sort of wish I could say, when asked why I haven’t updated in a while, that I’ve been very busy and productive with such and such. I suppose I could, but it’d be a lie, and I was told that was wrong. Mostly.

My time is spent doing a few things (work, riding/barn, hanging out with friends, writing, reading). None of these are new. Most of my time is spent reading stories online while less time is spent writing, a fact I’d like to change but haven’t yet found the motivation to do. Plus my space heater is here and it’s warm, while the couch (which has blankets that are also warm) is way over there and will require at least a few minutes of brrr. This is a lame excuse because I was having similar problems before it got cold(er).

My most productive thing lately was transplanting a baby aloe plant into its own pot and naming him Cornwall. He seems to be doing okay, though I worry about him in the cold. He’s still green and I talk to him sometimes, so hopefully he’ll get big and strong like his mother.

I have 11 days off in the near future and I’m hoping I’m incredibly productive and yet relaxed. I get the feeling I will do more reading than I plan, less writing than I want, and get less sleep than I should. If I don’t see you, Happy Holidays.

Oh wait, I’ll post on Monday for the Solstice, so until then…

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