A snowy Saturday

The snow is falling rather thickly on the ground and from the skies, clinging with light touches to wool and cloth, but brushing easily from streets and sidewalks. It’s cold, but it’s the cold of snow, which means it doesn’t bite at your skin, but curl around you with a smile, chilling you without you knowing you’re cold.

As much as I hate digging out my car, dealing with snow at the barn, and driving in the stuff, I love when it snows. It’s beautiful, pristine and cold. It makes me happy, alive and warm.

Since my plans were impeded upon (who wants to drive in this stuff?), I instead decided to walk to nearby shops (1.5 miles each way) where I found a nice gray sweater that I may wear for the holidays. Then I picked up some sushi rolls at the grocery store, some wine at the store, and walked home. I drew a giant smiley face in someone’s driveway. I hope it brings a smile to their face.

I think I may bake some lemon cookies tonight. Mmmm, nothing like baking cookies on a snowy winter night.

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