The Solstice Post

Every solstice, the longest, darkest night of the year, I take the time to write out those who have brought light into my life, a light for which I’m thankful and without which my existence would be a bit darker. If you are not on this list, it does not mean you are not precious to me; you may have made other years. I am only human, and these are who I’ve remembered. I hope you take these as they are meant to be and no one takes offense.

Tracy – You yourself are a wonderful person and a good friend. You make work enjoyable and fun (or as fun as it can be) while we all work hard. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know Amanda, Betsy or Kristen. Heck, if it weren’t for you I’d probably be miserable at work and not really talk to anyone. Thanks.

Bryan – Thank you for being such a great brother. I love the time we spend together, drinking tea, discussing writing and reading, and just having fun. You willingly feed the intellectual in me and encourage me to continue thinking (and think about things I normally wouldn’t think about).

Kristen – It’s always great to make new friends, but I’ve been especially lucky in befriending you, who have so many similar interests and have melded so well with my other friends. I look forward to the future years where we’ll continue to explore our friendship!

To all my friends – I don’t think I need to name you all individually, because you’ve all been there for me, keeping me from hiding away in my own little world and helping me stay social. There have been days I’d rather do nothing more than go home and write (or read) but those Fridays I make the trip and I always leave glad that I came.

Sara – Through rain, through fog, through sleet and snow: For serious! You’re as crazy as me. I’m glad I have someone my age (and mindset) to spend those days riding out and about the countryside (what we have left). We always have something to discuss and chat about, whether deep discussions about the books we’re reading or gossip about what’s happening at work,it doesn’t matter, we have a great time and I look forward to our future rides (although so many of them are going to be cold).

Jim – You put up a lot with me and my psuedo-crazy personality and I’m glad you give us the freedom we have, or else work would be depressing and repressing. You know we can handle our workload and work always comes first, but sometimes we have to get a little off task in order to focus down the road. I might not always be able to bear your leadership style, but I’m grateful that you are my boss.

Jeannie – One word, really: Nanowrimo. You helped feed my competitive spirit and kept me from slacking and not keeping my word count or my story going. Thanks to you, I have 50,000 words that still need to be completed and made into something that could be called a book.

Kevin – For listening all the time, annoying me half the time, and laughing with me half the time. For keeping us in touch, because I know I tend to vanish into myself. Oh, and for Pansy Division.

I can only hope I’ve brought a little bit of cheer to your lives as well.

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