As Least the Cat’s Not on Fire


That’s the sound of the beginning of the new year.

My long vacation was wonderful and busy and yet I don’t feel like I got a thing done. No regrets though. None that I can think off, at least. I recently made a tea order through Adagio which has supplied me with plenty of tea: a black called Golden Spring; about 8 chai mixes; 4 green teas; 1 white; and one based on my zodiac (Virgo) which is flowery but doesn’t seem as bad as straight chamomile to me. I also got a new infuser with a mug. Perhaps I’ll begin testing now *goes to make tea*. I just realized the infuser doesn’t have holes on the bottom so about a quarter of inch of water remains in it. Do people think when they made these things?

The music I’ve been waiting a month or so for hasn’t arrived yet. If it’s not at my parents’ place by Saturday then we’ll be contacting the seller. I don’t think it’s his fault or anything, and maybe we’re just being extra anxious cause we’ve already waited so long. It’s making me a little crazy.

I took two books out of the library for reading over my vacation (as if I needed more books). The first I started on vacation, Thinking Straight and finished on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll do a write up on my other blog. I just started the second book, Leave Myself Behind on Wednesday and I’m probably 2/3 the way done, maybe a little less. Definitely over half. It’s an easy read and it’s interesting. They are due back on Tuesday, so I need to be done by then anyways.

I may be getting sick, or I may just be tired and have slight sniffles. Aside from visiting with friends I’m relaxing this weekend, so hopefully I will nip whatever it is in the butt.

Any deep thoughts have been replaced by exhaustion, so maybe later.

2 thoughts on “As Least the Cat’s Not on Fire

  1. Considering that these things have been in use for hundreds of years now, the amount of just absolutely poorly/badly designed itens that exist really is astounding. Could it all just be preference? Could you be becoming a tea snob as well?I'm not sure I get the headline. Could you explain it to a poor old man?

  2. Actually the filter works pretty good. All the leaves stay at the bottom and the water doesn't seem to…not sure why it did in the test run.As for the title…it's just kinda saying when everything is going wrong, look at what's not going wrong!

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