For the Solstice – 2010

Every winter’s solstice, the longest night of the year, I like to remember those who have brought light into my life this year. This list is not all inclusive–it is dependent on a faulty memory. If I’ve forgotten you, I’m sorry; it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what you’ve brought into my life. If I were a different person, I’d probably tell this to your face and you’d know immediately for how grateful I am. But you all put up with me, so I’d imagine you know I wouldn’t.

Tuna and her Parrotfish – For making me part of something special. For making me feel special. You’ve brought me so much fun in my days and introduced me to so many new things. And Tuna, thank you for never losing faith in me.

B Sides – For being an awesome brother. We may not have gotten together as much as we both have liked this year, but you take the time to hang out with your dorky lil sister, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Gregg – For picking me. I never win random prizes, except this once, it seems!

Lanyon – For being a giving person who writes wonderful pieces of fiction.

Breaking (of B&E) – For working on my computer when it breaks. For being patient and trouble shooting and probably wanting to crack it in two and say “whoops”. BTW, it broke again.

Missy – For the amazing (an unnecessary) payment for riding your horse. And for being happy and funny and delightful to be around. Your heart is huge.

Meggs – For joining the barn and giving me another person to ride with, especially since my other one has been absent. For being a geek and funny and just as willing to talk as to listen. For trying to find a guy for me to hook up with.

For some reason I had more difficulty this year making my list. Normally, I start the list a week or so before, adding people as they come to me. This year, I forgot until a few days before, started the list…and it sat there. And sat there.

I’m wondering if there are a ton of people I’m not appreciating as much as I should. People who put up with me on a daily basis, people who help me, who expect nothing in return. I’m sure there are plenty of people I’ve missed; I tend to be rather oblivious to what people do and appropriate social protocol. Plus, Jan 1, 2010 is really far away.

I hope everyone has a happy solstice; may your winter be warm, your summer cool, and your smile true.

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