Snow day!!

Okay, not really a snow day because I had off anyway, but it’s the first real snow of the season and it’s pretty substantial. 4-6 inches at least (too much drifting to be positive).

To the right is my Christmas, as summed up in presents. As much as I love getting and giving presents, I really enjoy spending time with my family. This year was especially sweet <3.

I haven’t done any writing in five days, which saddens me. But I hope to do some today. Tomorrow I hope to go to the barn and give my riding instructor her present (which is mainly me cleaning her tack room of all the crap she doesn’t need). I was scheduled for today, but decided not to risk the roads if I didn’t have to, and I didn’t really have to.

So if everything goes as planned, my next update should be my new year’s resolutions.

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