Not too late, am I?

Resolution update 4.7:

Sitting up straight comes and goes. It’s easier on days I have energy, which didn’t include most of March. I still slouch like I’m gunning for a hunchback when I’m 50, though. I’m trying though, so there’s that. It helps that I’m trying to exercise more, which builds muscles and helps me sit up straight (I’d like to think).

I’ve begun doing stretching meditations, which at least work to get me doing it, although my focus on meditating is less. Although I’m focused on stretching, so it is sort of a meditation. Trying to work out what’s best for me and my noisy brain.

I may not have been reading as many non-romance books as I intended, but I am reading more of them, although they often still have a queer angle. I’ve also been reading more quality m/m romance novels instead of just trash. My to-read list of books I own/can access at the library is still over 60 items long. I’m working hard to not keep putting books on my birthday/xmas lists, but people keep coming out with new ones that are delicious sounding.

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