I made a decision.

I’ve decided on something, something which may seem amazing to some of you.

I’m going to get rid of some of my books.

Now that you’ve gasped in amazement (or shock or horror or boredom), I’ll add that it probably won’t be a huge number of books (considering the number I own), but there will be a chunk. Most will be books I’ll never read again (or never read in the first place). Some will be old, some newer, some in good condition, some in poor.

I plan on offering friends and family first grab at the books, so if there is one that you’re interested in, you can get it before I dispose of the rest whether I sell them, offer them for trade on GoodReads, give them to goodwill or donate them to a library.

I will post the complete list once I’ve had a chance to go through the books I have in storage and I will alert all the appropriate people when that list is posted.

That is all.

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