Teaser: LHNB

So for the Love Has No Boundaries prompt I’m doing, we’re encourage to post some teasers of the stuff we’re working on, so I thought I would. Here’s the two leading men meeting 🙂

So here it is (name’s changed, cause there’s a thingy they do with them. Yeah.):

He paused to slop some macaroni salad on his plate and noticed that the line was curving around a man grabbing some slices of roast beef. From the side all Michael could see were broad shoulders, a muscular body gone soft with age, and a head full of steel-gray hair. Then he shifted, reaching for the meatballs, and Michael saw his face. Broad too and tough, like he’d spent most his days outdoors, but curled into a smile at the corner of his lips.
Maybe he felt Michael staring, because a breath later, he was looking up and Michael was trapped in his pale blue gaze. His heart thumped noisily in his chest, but he couldn’t pull away from those eyes. They studied him a moment, then wrinkled at the corners as his smile widened. “Hi.”
“Hi.” And still they stared at one another. At least Michael was staring. He cleared his throat, forced himself to look away–and looked right back again. “Hi.” He winced. “Great food, huh?” He winced at that too, but it was better than repeating greetings.
“Beef and beer. Can’t go wrong.” He held out his hand. “Luke.”
His hand was rough and strong and sent a flush of heat through Michael’s chest. “Michael.”
Their hands lingered just a moment longer than normal, then they both released. “Did you need to get to the meatballs, or are you just as surprised as I am to find another guy here our age?”
“Definitely that.” He laughed and rubbed his hand through his hair. “Although the meatballs do look good.”
“Well, I won’t interfere between a man and his meat.” 

Hope you enjoyed it! And it’s a rough draft, so things are apt to change…

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