Another teaser

Again, names are changed and this is a rough draft, but here’s another teaser for my Love Has No Boundaries story:

After dinner Mike headed toward the living room for their usual couch session, but Luke caught his hand in the archway. He turned back, brow raised, and found Luke smiling like the Cheshire cat, a glint in his eyes. “What?”

He stepped forward and pulled Mike to him until they were divided only by cloth. “I thought you might like to see more of the house.”

Thank God he was in good shape, because if not, that would have stopped his heart. “Yeah?”

“If you want.”

“I want.” Suddenly he nothing but wanted. All their previous evenings together had kept them dressed, hands wandering under shirts and over crotches, but never further than that. He’d been grateful, he had. But he was also curious. He slid his free arm around Luke’s waist and relaxed into the heat of his body.

Luke chuckled. “It’s hard to show you the rest of the house like this.”

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