Word Counts and Weariness

So anyone who follows me…anywhere probably hears a lot of complaining coming from my mouth. I try not to, but right now my body is in an unhappy place and it leads to whining. My recuperation has been a frustrating dance of one step forward, two steps back. I thought I was feeling 90% better and then I got bad news and got dumped back at 75%.

I’m pretty much in some sort of discomfort, whether it’s my lower back, my neck/shoulders, my eyes, my head, or (new this week!) my jaw. The days these complaints are minor, I feel good. Then other days I’m exhausted just by waking up (not even getting out of bed). I’m tired, all the time.

But I’m working (it’s baby steps) on being more positive. Remembering the good things that happen during the day. Remembering the things I can still do.

One thing that helps, some days at least, is a new word count goal. 100 words a day. That’s easy, right? I’ve only missed one day so far (after working a full day and being absolutely exhausted). So it’s easy and feasible and if what I wrote is utter shit, I don’t feel bad deleting it because it’s only 100 words. And most days once I start I feel good and get more than 100. That is a nice feeling, even when I’m just working on a free piece of fiction 🙂

Because even if it’s small progress, at least it’s always progress.

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