Edits and Figurines

So a few quick things.

1. I finished my Love Has No Boundaries story and sent it to the beta and got what appears to be generally positive feedback, so yay.

2. For those who follow my tumblr, you know that the first story I’ve written since my accident was accepted into a Storm Moon Press anthology. I had a shifter story in the works, but it was being difficult. Then I saw this picture and a story just blossomed.

3. I’m going to be doing a ton of edits the rest of this month, as in addition to the LHNB edits, I imagine eventually I’ll be getting otter edits. AND I’m trying to shape up a finished story by plugging in some changes a beta gave (more edits!) and maybe send it to another reader and then out to pub. I hope. It feels on the verge of being ready for an editor to tear into it 😉

4. And this, just for amusement. It’s a figurine I saw in the GoodWill store by me. Captions/comments are welcome:

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