Ups, Downs, and Words

I’ve been fairly busy with life and work, but I have done some writing and personal editing. Mostly LHNB stuff, but I’ve also been digging into Kin #1 edits with the hopes to get it out the door sometime in June. (I need to pick which publisher I want to send it to. It’s currently my baby and has 2 more stories in the series…hopefully, so I’m being particular.)

I haven’t even been looking at submission calls. Those tend to be fun and easy, but I really want to get a novel on my resume. Though some poking around tells me this probably will be just a little too short to get a print book. Bah. A novella will do, I suppose 😉

I’ve also been trying to write 100 words a day, with some flexibility for those days that just exhaust me (like yesterday). I’m currently working on a trans* story and I have no idea where to go with it right now. But all the muses are being kinda quiet and mellow right now, so I’m going with it. Good time for editing. And when they have a point to make, the muses will make it.

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