Gay Rom Lit 2013

This was my first year at Gay Rom Lit. I was lucky because I got to attend as a publisher with Riptide Publishing…which means I worked my butt off and they paid for stuff 🙂

But they also let me out to attend sessions and see people and do stuff. Which was awesome. Just being surrounded by like-minded folks was incredible. Because everyone there loves to read and they love to read the stuff I read and write.

There was lots and lots of swag/free stuff and books! So many books.

…and an oddly large amount of Subway eating. I ate its pizza for the first time. Not bad.

But the best part of the week was talking to people about writing. Discussing growing my skills and making connections with people who are willing to help me improve. So now I’m setting aside all my current projects to write a short story so I can submit it and get hardcore feedback, then cry, then hopefully improve my craft.

Thankfully I had a story idea that I found I could develop into something that will hopefully be short. So my new goal is to finish that, then maybe get back to everything else. By then it’ll probably be the holidays. I don’t even want to think about it!

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