GRL 2013 – pt 2

So I didn’t say much in my last post about GRL, which seems lame since I was all excited about my first year attending.

Aside from being up and active for 5 straight days, I also leaped over a pile of boxes and strained my ankle. The hotel had no ACE bandages, but we made do with what they did have (sports tape, an arm sling/wrap, and a compression bandage)…and thankfully I heal quickly. But yeah, I was the dope limping around the conference trying not to put too much weight on my ankle.

Also, despite eating less and being more active, I somehow gained weight. I’m not even sure how the math works there. I know a bunch of the foods were high calorie, but they couldn’t possibly be that off balance. So of course now I’m at home and eating everything because I’m angry at the world.

I got to meet Amy Lane (again, but still!) and got yarn from her (-insert squee here-). Plus I got to meet Aleksandr Voinov, LC Chase, Heidi Belleau, Heidi Cullinan, LA Witt, Marie Sexton, Cat Grant, and many others! Did I mention I got to sit next to Amy Lane during dinner? And hear her fantastic stories? She’s a natural storyteller.

And Aleksandr hugged me 🙂

I actually had plenty of hugs this weekend, which I normally avoid. But all the hugs were lovely and friendly and nice. I didn’t take many pictures, because I was more in a working mindset than a fan mindset…which makes me a little sad, because the week seemed to fly by.

And despite it being a 14 hour drive (with rest stops), it was pretty awesome to do that with Rachel and our fangirl Sue. Rachel drove the whole way (for which I’m thankful!) and Sue helped with all kinds of manual labor tasks, which make my work half as much. -whew-

I’m glad to be back in my own bed, although all the aches and pains that went away while on ‘vacation’ are back. Boo. 😛

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