I had an adventure. Almost.

Today was much like any other day: haircut, errands, out to lunch with mum, home to do taxes (because they are getting more complicated and yelling at my father helps me think things through), then finally head back to my place! Whew. A long day. I look forward to unpacking from my venture home, heating up dinner, and doing all the work I didn’t get done today.

And then my phone rings. (Which, if you know me, means there has to be an emergency, because I abhor phone calls. So everyone nicely texts me.)

My friends are stranded at the grocery store with a dead battery. They need a jump. Don’t I have cables?

I do! Or I did. When my last car was totaled, my dad saved them from the car and we left them at home. I don’t remember why. (Seemed like a good idea at the time?) I think I had visions of me buying  my own set instead of borrowing his spares. The point is I didn’t have the cables.

So I drove back to my parents’ house, picked up the cables, lifted the hood and stared. New car. Where the hell was the battery? The red cap seemed to indicate the positive, but where was the negative? I hung around until my dad arrived to remind me my battery is in the trunk, and he said those were all fuses, but the battery wires went to the red cap, so that was that.

Victory! Back in my car and heading to my friends. They call. Someone finally stopped who HAD cables and was going to give them a jump.

Of course.

So I headed home, pleased I at least now had cables, and only slightly frustrated my dinner was pushed back an hour and a half. And nothing else is getting done tonight.


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